iCALIFORNIA, The Digital Literacy State
California Digital Literacy Initiative
A collaborative effort of the Digital Literacy Pathways Advisory Committee, the California Technology Agency,
the LINK AMERICAS Foundation, the California Emerging Technology Fund  and the private sector.

CETF California Technology Agency LINK AMERICAS Foundation
Broadband Infrastructure Deployment
Broadband Adoption– Closing the Digital Divide

Investment in Community Based Projects for Digital Literacy
Executive Support for Digital Literacy

Action Plan: Digital Literacy Pathways in  California

Policy oversight via Statewide Digital Literacy Advisory Counsel
Management of Communications & Media Campaign

Application Development via Scalable Pilots
Building Awareness for Digital Literacy Training & Certification Workforce  

 iCALIFORNIA defines Digital Literacy as:

“a lifelong learning process of capacity building for using digital technology, communications tools, and/or networks in creating, accessing, analyzing, managing, integrating, evaluating, and communicating information in order to function in a knowledge-based economy and society.”


  • To initiate a successful and effective communications effort focused on digital literacy./strong>
  • To promote understanding of digital literacy and what it means for all Californians.
  • To build public and private sector momentum for embracing and improving digital literacy as a shared task, a collective need.
  • To engage the public in taking personal accountability for improving digital literacy skills.
  • Building community engagement and vitality through digital and media literacy.
  • Increasing Californians’ competitiveness in the knowledge-based economy./strong>
  • Attracting capital investment the will generate higher quality jobs.
  • Helping workers compete successfully in a global information and knowledge economy.
  • Increasing productivity, improve quality of life, and enhance global competitiveness.
  • Closing and keeping closed the Digital Divide as technology evolves.
  • Helping individuals develop their capacity to read, write, do math, problem solve, work in a team, think critically and use Information Communication Technologies for educations and workforce preparation, employment success, civic participation, health care and access to entertainment.
  • Enhancing the learning environment to support teaching methods that engage and challenge learners of all ages.
  • Giving all Californians the opportunity to fully participate in the educational, civic, cultural and economic sectors of California society by providing accessibility to and appropriate skills for fully utilizing government, education, workforce, health care, business and other services.

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